All is Bright

Life lately has consisted of cozying up at night to watch Holiday movies, decorating the house and tree, drinking too many cups of coffee, avoiding Christmas cookies, and planning our upcoming West Coast road trip. The weather has been unsettling, it was 70 degrees in the city over the weekend and Arizona is currently the coldest place in the US! It seems that the two have flipped, usually New York is already covered in snow. It's a little upsetting to think there won't be a blanket of fresh powder on Christmas, but the plus side is that my family and I will get to go on one last mild-weathered hike before the year's end. 

I've been stressing out about the new year, and all that it promises. It has me sharing my thoughts with friends and colleagues, and they all offer bits of advice (even when it's not asked for). I think people just need to feel like they're being helpful. The only downside of this is that after said advice is given, they expect you to do something with it. Move here, quit this, chase all feels so daunting when it's piled up. The truth is, I'm the biggest dreamer in the world. When I was 15, I had an escape plan in mind that consisted of me running off to Paris. Now, about ten years later, I'm still dreaming. The only difference is that I'm thinking of obtainable goals. That's what I want to achieve this year. I want to set goals for myself that aren't unreachable. Anyone have any goals they want to work toward in 2016? I'd love to hear.