The Landslide Brings You Down

I love this time of year. It's my favorite for numerous reasons; the holiday decorations and festivities, the chill in the air and onset of snow, the social acceptability of staying cozied up indoors...and of course, because I get to see my family. In roughly three weeks time, I'll be back Upstate with them to celebrate Christmas. Since I don't live very close to them, I always cherish the moments we spend together.

A year ago, my parents were in the midst of building their dream home in the mountains. I experienced a dozen different emotions (at least) as the idea of never spending another holiday season in my childhood home became a reality. I was definitely a little heartbroken! Fast forward to present day, and I'm actually more than a little excited to be spending Christmas in their new cabin. After all, what says holiday spirit more than a cozy log cabin on top of a snowy mountain?

2015 has been a big transition year for me. I've been able to do the things I love and have learned so much in the process. I have a good feeling about the new year, and can't wait to see what's in store. On a side note: I'll be traveling to the West coast at the end of this month! I'll be in Arizona and California (still planning out where to hit up). Any suggestions on places to explore?