Early Spring + Snow

Yikes! How is it already May?! Sorry for the super delayed posting lately. I've been busy getting everything together for this upcoming trip to Oregon and Washington! Side note - if you live in either states and happen to be free between the 14th-22nd, let me know! I would love to meet you! Our trip itinerary is PACKED with so many beautiful places - some that I've been to before but can't wait to see again, others that I'm going to for the first time. Honestly can't even describe how excited I am for this trip. The Pacific Northwest has always felt a bit like home to me. I haven't spent a ton of time there, but it has such a special place in my heart. And honestly, when asked where I'd like to live if I wasn't in New York, I think Washington is my answer 90% of the time. Just something about all those giant misty mountains.. 

Anyway, these photos were shot at the beginning of April, which is crazy, because it was the only actual snowstorm I got caught in all season. Sort of ironic that the weather was so snowy, but I'm never one to complain about it! My friend, Lissy, made the trek up with me for this trip, and helped me out with a lot of these snowy shots. We climbed the Bald Mountain Fire Tower, explored around Antler Lake, and drove near the Siamese Pond Wilderness area. It was my first time staying at the cabin during actual snow fall, and was so nice to walk around the lake with the trees freshly dusted in white. Couldn't have asked for a better ending to Winter! 

I have one more blog post coming up before I head out west. Check back soon!