Recharging at The Raven House

Hey guys!

A little while back I had the opportunity to hop the border north for a few days of R&R. Along the Canadian side of the Thousand Islands lies the town of Gananoque, Ontario, where the tiny home of my dreams, The Raven House, awaited.


Pete, the owner and creator behind this cozy home, met me after I rambled down the quiet drive. About 30 seconds after arriving, I figured out one of the reasons he met me on the road - there was no Raven House in sight. The tiny home was situated a few minutes walk back, on its very own “game trail”. After a few trips along the path, I came to fully appreciate this feature. The cabin never felt like it was interfering with its surroundings, if anything, it felt like it had always belonged on that spot of land.


Upon first entering the cabin, I was struck by all the natural light filtering in. Between the sliding glass doors leading to the porch, multiple windows, and skylights, the interior was so bright and inviting. The loft space was by far my favorite spot inside, and from the vantage point, it was easy to see how the cabin got its name.


My friend, Alex, was able to join me for a night, and we ended up drinking pots of tea, eating tasty treats, and catching up until the wee hours. While the cabin doesn’t have indoor plumbing or electrical, it’s outfitted with multiple lights and lanterns, and an adjoining outhouse. However, there is a gas range in the kitchen, and a wood stove that kept us toasty all night, so in a way it felt a bit like “glamping”!


I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to visit this peaceful little home. It was the perfect place to recharge my batteries and gear up for the busy Fall season! Big thank you to Pete, for inviting me to stay and showing me the wonderful cabin you created! If you’re interested in booking your own stay, head to the Airbnb listing HERE.