My Favorite Apps for Instagram stories

Hi guys!

This post is a looooong time coming. Almost every day, I get a message asking what apps I use for my Instagram stories! I love the stories feature, and how with just a little extra effort, you can make them your own and instantly add a little something extra to a post, highlight, ad , you name it! I’ve finally compiled a list of my favorite apps that I’ve been using, and a little how-to below!

Photos Apps


I’ve been using this app for such a long time, both for Instagram posts + stories! Before posting, it’s an easy way to enhance images - little tweaks like lightening up or sharpening an image, especially when using a photo from your phone’s camera! Plus, I like having all my photos stored in the same place.



This app has quickly become one of my favorites, and one that I’ve been using for all my candid shots on adventures + road trips. After you take a photo, it’s “developed” just like a film shot. Different filters are applied to each image at random, so you never know exactly how it will look until you check your gallery!



This is the app I get asked the most questions on. It’s the one I use for all my unique formats and texts. I’ve been loving the film (FF1) and ripped paper (RP1) formats!


A Color Story

This app is similar to VSCO, as it has tons of filters and effects you can apply to your photos. I especially like the “Color Fog” filter, which allows you to adjust the white balance of your shot. I use this one on my winter shots, to warm up the snow or sky!


Video Apps


This one is PERFECT for the holiday season! It enhances all the sparkles in lighting around you (just think of it as a little extra twinkle in your twinkle lights). While I think this app really shines in its video format - see below! - you can also save stills, as well.



Another favorite app for Winter. I use this one to make weather cinemagraphs, specifically falling snow videos! There’s a ton of other filters available, so you can really get creative with this app!



My favorite app to create dreamy, vintage looking videos. There’s several options for color ways and filters, so no two videos end up looking alike! I’ve been incorporating this one a lot on road trips, to create a couple special “home movie” type videos.


Okay, guys! Hope this post was informative, and that you have a few new ideas on how to get creative with your stories! Would love to know if you end up using any of the apps, and what you think!