Woolrich in the Southwest

Hi guys!

If you've been following along with my Instagram feed recently, you'll know V and I just got back from an epic road trip through the Southwest! With New York's endless winter, a bit of sunshine was more than welcome for the both of us. For this trip, I had the opportunity to partner up with Woolrich again, and bring along some pieces from their new Spring line. 


Southern California

The first stop on our trip took us from Arizona through Southern California. We were both craving some warmer weather, and the desert and coastline are just where we found it. The wind still chilled the air a bit, so we were happy to have some cozy flannels to snuggle up into. A new favorite of mine is the Alaskan Boyfriend Tunic Shirt. It's 100% wool and kept me warm through the colder days of this trip! V has the men's version of this, the Alaskan Washable Wool shirt, and with the easy snap buttons, it made for such an effortless layer. He also brought along the Expedition Chamois Shirt, which was the perfect weight (and color!) for the Spring-like weather we experienced down South. My go-to layer for the transitional weather is the Pemberton Boyfriend Tunic. I've brought it along on a few adventures before this one, and it's still a favorite! Since I knew this trip would be my only excuse to wear short sleeves for the foreseeable future, I also brought along the Carabelle Seersucker Shirt. It's incredibly lightweight and has such an easy feminine shape, perfect for Summer. 

E67A8515-2 2.jpg

Northern California

Once we started the journey North, the weather turned and the snowflakes started to fall. I never fail to pack a Woolrich blanket for the road, and this trip was no exception. To compliment the landscapes of our adventures, we brought along the Southwestern Vintage Jacquard Wool Blanket. Like my other Woolrich blankets, it's incredibly soft and very warm. But it was the pattern that sold me! It looked right at home against the red rocks and mountains. As the temperature dipped, we found ourselves grabbing our heavier coats. With a flannel and wool base layer, I kept the windchill at bay in my John Rich & Bros. Over Parka, while V stuck with his John Rich & Bros. Arctic Parka. I have to admit, on the colder nights I was definitely trying to steal his parka! There's a reason that my own Arctic Parkas are in constant rotation during the Winter months - you can't beat how warm they are! 



With heavy hearts (and frozen toes), we started our journey back east to our final destination of the trip : Bryce Canyon. This national park has been on my must-visit list for quite some time, and seeing it covered in snow was just the cherry on top. Again, we bundled up in our parkas while we explored, but after a bit, the sun was so warm that we were able to run on the trails with just our flannels! It was so refreshing to get a taste of warm weather, that now it has us scheming up adventures for the months ahead. Thank you to Woolrich for letting us bring some of that Summertime feeling on the road with us! 




This post is in partnership with Woolrich