4th of July Camping Trip with Duraflame

Hi guys!

This past week we gathered up our swimsuits and shorts and headed north to seek solace from the sweltering Summer sun. Luckily, the mountains always provide some relief! To celebrate the 4th, we pitched our tent near the lake, and spent the evening enjoying our cozy campfire (built entirely with Duraflame® Campfire Roasting logs!), lighting sparklers, and eating one too many s'mores. 


This was our first time making a campfire entirely consisting of Duraflame® logs. And to be honest, this was probably the easiest fire I've ever started! Each bundle comes with four logs, and are made from 100% renewable resources, including real wood charcoal. We started our fire with just a couple logs, and piled on a few extra as the night went on. And they LAST (we're talking up to two hours of burn time)! After our initial build, the few extra we added kept our fire burning high and toasty. One thing that really struck me was how fast we were able to get hot coals - perfect for roasting marshmallows! 


A few other awesome things to note with these roasting logs is how efficient they were in creating that perfect, toasty campfire. Even better? No trees are cut down to produce them! Duraflame® Campfire Roasting Logs light faster and burn more completely than firewood, producing about 60% less particulate emissions than a comparable wood fire!  These statistics definitely make me re-think my use of traditional wood fires, and I know I'll for sure be packing these up for next month's trip out west!  




This post is in partnership with Duraflame®.