My Thoughts on Instagram in 2019

Hi guys!

I have a feeling most of you have found your way to this space via my Instagram, and for that, I am incredibly grateful! But if I’m being honest, I’m kind of having a love/hate relationship with the app lately. This isn’t a new topic, in fact, it’s a conversation I’ve had with several friends since the beginning of the year. Instagram just hasn’t held the same luster and appeal that it used to, and I can’t help but wonder why?


I think a big part of it is how 2019’s algorithm has worked against so many of us, both in how we share and see other’s work. At times, I won’t see my favorite feeds for days or even weeks! But I do think it goes beyond that. We all curate our feeds to create a certain ideal, sometimes unrealistic story, but what are we actually SAYING with our work? Most days I scroll through my timeline, I can’t help but feel uninspired by seeing almost cookie-cutter imagery.

I think what it comes down to is a level of authenticity. As in, be authentic, not #liveauthentic . I feel that so many of us fall prey to creating or sharing imagery that we know will perform well (I have definitely been guilty of this) without actually being PROUD of that work. And if you’re not proud of your work, how can your audience be?


If the algorithm is working against you, that shouldn’t mean you turn your back on the work you love creating in favor of what will perform well. This year I pledged I wouldn’t perform for the likes, or the followers, but for myself (because at the end of the day, that’s what matters, right?). The Brave Creative Podcast recently touched on this, and how younger IG users curate less and just post how they like. While I’m certainly not going to be incorporating more selfies in my feed any time soon, allowing myself the freedom to play around with different styles has made my personal photography so much more fun!

I know there are some that won’t agree with all this, because it can be argued that if you’re using Instagram as a business tool, you should do everything to make sure it’s successful. But I feel that the companies I’ve worked with lately are more interested in seeing my unique view, instead of one without a voice to it. I’d love to know how you guys are feeling about Instagram lately, and your own experiences with the app!



P.S. photos are from a recent trip to Vermont. More about the cabin here .

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