Spring Skiing in the Northeast with Ikon Pass

Hi guys!

As I’m sure most of you know by now, winter is my favorite season! I attribute this mostly to my love for skiing. This year, I made it my mission to have my longest ski season yet, which has definitely happened, thanks to my Ikon Pass! Here’s a little guide to some of my favorite places to ski in the Northeast, well after the Spring thaw sets in.


Mont Tremblant

This was my first season skiing at Mont Tremblant in Québec, but it most certainly won’t be my last! The charm of the village alone is enough to keep me coming back for more. The mountain is large enough to offer a little something for everyone, no matter your experience level. Some of you may recall my trip here back in December, so this time around, I explored different parts of the mountain (like the Versant Soleil area).

Favorite Trails

Like Spring skiing on any mountain, conditions change day to day! Our first day of skiing we explored Versant Nord. I loved Andy Moe (this was actually one of my favorite trails back in December, too) and Banzai. Our second day of skiing was a bit warmer, meaning trails were icy in places and bumped up in others. We stuck to Versant Sud and Versant Soleil. I LOVED the Refuge hut (aka cocoa cabin!) off of the Toboggan trail!


Favorite ways to Après

Mont-Tremblant is home to maybe my favorite après-ski spot in the Northeast, the Scandinave Spa. Located just a short drive from the village lies the most tranquil setting of thermal spas. I highly recommend carving out an afternoon (or day!) from your trip to relax and rejuvenate along the Diable River.


Explore the village! I love the charming, brightly colored buildings that line the way up to the mountain base. Also enjoy an aerial view via the cabriolet.

Dog Sledding in the Laurentian forest. Snowmobiling, horse drawn sleighs, and cross country skiing are also amazing ways to explore the surrounding woods.



Killington is known for having the longest season in the Northeast. Even now, in the middle of May, they’re still open on weekends! It definitely feels ambitious to ski/ride this giant mountain in a single day. Luckily, there are tons of charming New England towns nearby that you can stay in to turn your Killington trip into a weekend long (or even longer!) adventure.

Favorite Trails

I started my season at this mountain back in November, and while at the time the limited trail options hardly mattered, that didn’t mean I wasn’t stoked to get back and properly explore come Spring! I really liked spreading out, which meant getting far out from Skye Peak to Bear Mountain, and then over to Sunrise. One thing I love about Killington is their CRAZY long trails on either side of the resort - i.e. Great Northern and Great Eastern! Both are awesome options for getting around the mountain, and offer pretty insane views of the surrounding peaks. Also, in the spirit of cute, ski-in eateries, I made a point of heading down Snowshed Slope to check out the Ledgewood Yurt!


Favorite Ways to Après

Killington is near one of my favorite towns in all of Vermont - Woodstock! A short drive will bring you to this quintessential New England haven, where shops like the Vermont Flannel Company and Woodstock Farmer’s Market reside. Make sure to grab some Vermont maple syrup and check out one of the covered bridges before you hit the road! Also nearby is the beautiful Quechee Gorge. I love this place so much in Fall, but in colder months? It becomes pure magic with a layer of snow.



This resort has become something of a home mountain for me this season! I’ve loved getting familiar with its layout and always make time to explore the village. Aside from skiing, Stratton hosts some really fun events, like Wanderlust Festival in June, and WinterWonderGrass - which took place in December and April. Every time I come to this mountain, I know I’ll be in for a unique experience.


Favorite Trails

Possibly because it always felt a little quieter, I really enjoyed the trails that led to the Sun Bowl Lodge. Upper and Lower Kidderbrook makes for a great, long run, and Polar Bear was always a favorite to the Ursa Express.

Favorite Ways to Après

One thing I love about this mountain is that I don’t view it as just a place to ski. This season, I snowshoed on the summit and even went on an after hours hike to the fire tower (and still had enough daylight to ski down afterward!). The village also offers an abundance of options for both sit down meals, a quick bite, or even just a cup of coffee - make sure to stop by Coyote and grab a cookie to go along with your caffeine fix! There’s really no shortage of things going on at the mountain, so make sure to check their events page before heading up!


This wraps up my ski experiences with Ikon Pass! However, the adventures aren’t over just because the snow is gone. Can’t wait for warm months to return to these slopes for some classic summer experiences. Stay tuned!



An Ikon Pass Adventure to Mammoth + June Mountain

Hey guys!

As promised, here is the last installment in my February road trip series. Some of you may remember my stories from this trip, but if there’s one thing I can say to sum it up is: SNOW. And LOTS of it.


I have honestly never seen so much snow in my life! At the Main Lodge, we were measuring it by car height (as in…the snow banks were 3 1/2 Jeeps high...let that sink in!). The season total currently stands at 456” at the Main Lodge, and 675” on the summit! On the day of our arrival, road travel was the only way to get into Mammoth Lakes. Like most days, the snow made air travel impossible, and all flights coming in were canceled (keep this in mind for particularly snowy seasons!). After checking into our cozy quarters at the Village Lodge and getting my rentals sorted, I hopped on a chairlift at the nearby Canyon Lodge for my first experience of skiing in California. Like Solitude in Utah, these were conditions I’ve never encountered out east. EVERY RUN - and I mean EVERY - was a powder run. That’s how fast the snow fell! The near whiteout conditions made it hard to capture the vastness of Mammoth, but here’s a look at some of my favorite moments!


Our first “official” day on the slopes started the day after arriving in town. We hopped in the car and made our way to nearby June Mountain. Both Mammoth and June are on the Ikon Pass, which opens up even more possibilities for adventure! June is a great mountain for a family trip, but still has enough variety and challenge for all skill levels! My personal favorite trails were Matterhorn and Sunset - the latter being one of several bowl trails. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to such open trails after growing up skiing in the east! Our lunch break in the June Meadows Chalet offered a brief glimpse at the surrounding vista (and the first of many cups of cocoa).


On our way back to Mammoth, we stopped at nearby Mono Lake. This beautiful landscape is just one of numerous natural wonders that lie right outside of the village. The area is also well known for having an abundance of hot springs! We didn’t get a chance to visit any this year - because of the towering snow banks - but I was able to enjoy one last year when V and I were passing through. The following morning, Allee and I took advantage of the rare clear skies to visit another beautiful spot, Convict Lake. After an afternoon of skiing back on Mammoth, we made our way over to the Main Lodge for a snow cat tour! On a clear day, the tour provides a wonderful view of the Minaret Vista. While the snow fell too hard to see it for ourselves, we still made do with playing in the snow and seeing a bit more of the mountain than the ski trails offer. Plus, the cups of cocoa, mulled wine, and snacks made it the perfect après ski activity!

mammothblog3 copy.jpg

My last day was a bit of a surprise, as I was supposed to be on a plane flying back to New York. But the snow had other plans for me, so I had an extra day to explore the slopes. I spent it trying to get from one side of the mountain to the other - starting at Eagle Lodge and working my way over. If you’re new to the area like I was, having a physical map is super handy! The mountain is MASSIVE, and every run was unique for me. I ended the last day with a soak in one of the hot tubs at the Village Lodge. It was so magical with the falling snow! If you’re looking for a place to stay, I can’t recommend this place enough. Located right in the village, we were steps from the rental shop, boutiques, and tons of restaurants. Of course, there’s tons of great options outside of the village, too (my favorite was the very cozy Tamarack Lodge).

Even with my extra day, my time in Mammoth felt too short. Luckily, they’ve announced that the Main Lodge will be open until at least July 4th, so hopefully I’ll be back for a round two! So thankful for Ikon Pass for making this my favorite ski season yet. Will be sharing more ski adventures soon!



Road tripping through Utah

Hi guys!

Apologies for the unintentional break I took from this space. Between life on the road and then getting sick almost as soon as I got back east, this space was pushed a bit from my mind. Anyway, I’ve officially been back home for a bit after a whirlwind three weeks on the road. It felt SO GOOD to be back out in my element; hiking, skiing, and just daydreaming on endless stretches of highway. After meeting up with my friend, Allee, in Arizona, (and our brief detour in Colorado!), we set our sights on Utah.

E67A5014 2.jpg

I first visited some of these places a couple winters back, but that didn’t make them any less amazing the second time around. If anything, I was more excited, as I knew the cold temps would make them less desirable to visit. Pro tip : if you’re looking to have hiking trails in the southwest to yourself, visit in the winter! Even at sunrise, I’ve always shared hiking trails - especially national park trails - with other people. While there were a couple other brave souls out enjoying the sights, it was nothing like summer time with hoards of people!

Our first stop in Utah was Monument Valley. This time around we car camped nearby, but my first time visiting this place, we stayed at The View hotel, which looks right out over the infamous buttes. It was a bit overcast, but we had a small window of clear sky that made for a perfect sunrise. Like most southwest spots, you’re going to want to plan around where you’ll be for sunrise or sunset. That’s when the landscapes truly seems to glow.


This section of the trip was definitely about car camping - aka saving money on lodging! - and we continued the following night at Dead Horse Point State Park. Using the ioverlander app, Allee was able to find a camp ground in the park, just a short drive from where we’d be shooting sunrise the following morning! With the recent snowfall, we couldn’t pass up a visit to nearby Arches National Park. Like I mentioned earlier, this place is a ghost town in winter! We had entire trails to ourselves, and got to explore the snow covered red rocks to our hearts content.


From Moab, we continued our journey north in search of a little sunshine. I’ll be the first to admit, as much as I love Winter, the goal for this trip was definitely to embrace the sun and some WARMTH. We were able to find both at our next stop - Mystic Hot Springs. This place is a trip, I loved how unique the individual tubs are! Once we we were closer to Salt Lake City, we hiked to a natural hot spring (I personally preferred the natural pools. Can’t think of a better reward after a hike).


I knew I couldn’t leave SLC without at least ONE ski day, and fortunately my long-time friend, JJ, was able to meet up with me to make it happen. We spent the day at Solitude Mountain, where I was able to use my Ikon Pass (have I mentioned lately how much I love this pass?! I’ve skied more this season than any other because of it! More on that in my next post). Solitude is unlike any mountain I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never skied in powder so deep in my life! It was such a fun day, and truly has me dreaming of more winter trips to the area. There’s certainly no shortage of mountains - Brighton, Alta, and Snowbird being a stone’s throw away.


On our final night, our friend, Kevin, brought us out to nearby Antelope Island for a sunset campfire. If we had gone nowhere else in Utah, this place would be enough. It’s INCREDIBLE. Roaming buffalo scattered throughout, and mountain vistas that made me feel as though we had been transported to southern Alaska. It was a dream.


Can’t wait to share the last leg of this trip with you guys! Promise it will be soon.



A week in Arizona

Hi guys!

I took a bit of a break from this space, as I’m currently back on the road! As some of you may know, V is originally from Phoenix, so every winter, we head back to visit with family and explore the Southwest. Usually we spend a week straight on the road, and then a couple days with family. This year, we decided to change it up a bit and just explore around Arizona! There’s SO much to see in this state, and it completely blows my mind that you can go from a ski resort to the desert in less than an hour.


Our very first stop was up north, where we stayed in the cozy A Frame Flagstaff. By now I’m sure you guys know my love for cabins - a frames specifically!, so I was SUPER excited that we were able to stay here. It was just the right amount of space for us, but can easily accommodate larger groups with the loft (we just used it to binge watch movies and eat popcorn, ha!). The cabin has one bedroom, a kitchen, living room, and loft space. There’s even a wood stove to keep you extra toasty on cold nights!


The grounds surrounding the cabin border the Coconino National Forest, and we couldn’t help but get out and explore a bit (honestly, any excuse to soak up that southwest sunshine.). If you’d like to book a stay at the A Frame, head to their Airbnb link here!


We passed through Sedona on our way back to Phoenix, and visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Although we’ve explored in Sedona numerous times, we’ve never seen this beauty before! It’s amazing how it’s situation right in the surrounding red rocks. Truly a remarkable place, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. After a few days exploring in Phoenix, and visiting my favorite shops ( Local Nomad, Frances, and Pueblo are always go-to’s!), we headed further south to Tucson and Saguaro National Park. Maybe it’s because they’re so out of the realm of what I grew up with, but seeing that many cacti in one place blew me away! It was so much fun to drive around and walk on the trails.


After that, V had to head back to New York, so I met up with my friend, Allee, to kick off our road trip. We started out in the Superstition Mountains, and I have to say, went on one of my favorite hikes OF ALL TIME. Views the whole way up made going slow (we we’re snapping photos around every turn!), and the summit was out of this world. This was without a doubt the cherry on top of a perfect week exploring this state, and I’m already missing it! Currently in Colorado, can’t wait to share more from the road!



A Catskills Getaway with Zipcar and Scribner's Lodge

Hi guys!

A couple weeks back, I had the chance to head back to one of my favorite places in New York : Scribner’s Lodge. This time, I arrived with a little help from Zipcar, a car sharing company with hundreds of locations throughout the state.


I’ve been a member of Zipcar for years now, since they are so easily accessible in the city. Becoming a member takes no time at all, and anyone age 21+ (18 if you’re a student!) can apply. You just pick a plan - there’s several to choose from, making it easy to tailor to your needs!, wait for your driver’s license to be verified, and then receive your Zipcard! The card itself is what will unlock the car for you. Reserving your vehicle is simple (can be done via the website or app), and the length of your reservation is entirely up to you. Need it for a few hours to run errands? No problem! Want it for the weekend? Whole day reservations (up to 7 days) are also available! We had our car for a few days, and with 180 miles included a day, there was ample opportunity for adventure.


While Scribner’s Lodge is in itself a major draw (SO. MUCH. COZY), the surrounding area’s attractions are what always get me super excited to visit. Since we were heading up in prime ski season, I made sure to pack my skis (Zipcar has ski racks and multiple sized car options to go along with whatever your adventures might require!) for the trip.


This time, we stayed in one of the the Scribner Suites, which felt more like an apartment than a room! Featuring a loft-like living room (with our own cozy fireplace), a huge patio overlooking Hunter mountain, a bedroom downstairs and another two beds upstairs, space to sprawl out was in no short supply (for any of you from the city, you’ll know how much that’s appreciated!). After a cozy night’s sleep, we called down to the Prospect to order from the amazing brunch menu available - tip : the pancakes are amazinggg. With full bellies and a quick change out of our pjs, we were ready to get out and explore.


Scribner’s is situated in an amazing part of the Catskills, with Kaaterskill Falls, one of the areas most popular destinations, just a short drive away. We usually opt for the hike down to the fall’s base, but this time we mixed it up and explored the top of the falls. Visiting this place in the Winter is like seeing it again for the first time! In the opposite direction, lies the ski resort, Hunter mountain. I was so happy to get some runs in while I was here, and explore the brand new Hunter North terrain! A quick zip (both of these destinations are less than 15 minutes away in either direction, Hunter is about a mile down the road!) back to the lodge, and we decided to warm up a bit before roasting our s’mores.


Once again, a couple days at Scribner’s left us rested and ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of the city. And with the help of Zipcar, getting there and back was easier than ever! If you’re interested in applying for a membership, head here. Zipcar currently has locations all across the U.S., as well as in major cities worldwide. Suffice it to say, road trips just got a little easier.



A Winter Road Trip North of the Border

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all having a great week! It’s been COLD lately here in the Northeast. I’m currently bundled up indoors and catching up on some blog posts, like this trip to Canada I took right before Christmas! My friend, Jack, and I took an impromptu road trip north of the border to Québec, to play in the snow and take in all the holiday decor.


Our first stop was to Mont-Tremblant, a beautiful ski mountain and village tucked in the Laurentian Mountain Range. Tremblant is a fellow Ikon Pass destination, and marked my second time (first in Québec!) skiing in Canada. After a four hour drive from the Adirondack mountains, we set about to explore the village and get our bearings for the following morning. When we woke up, we were greeted with a fresh layer of powder and snow flakes falling! With a short ride up the Cabriolet (which in itself is SUCH a fun way to view the village!)., we made our way onto the gondola and up to the summit. It was snowing HARD when we arrived, and the surroundings made for a true winter wonderland. Since this was my first time visiting the mountain, I decided to join a free guided tour. The mountain offers them twice daily, and in my case, I had the guide all to myself! It was a super fun and easy way to get my bearings of the trails.


After a full day of skiing, we made our way back down to explore the village by daylight. I loved how magical and festive all the holiday decorations were. It felt like we had been transported onto a movie stage for a Christmas movie. We were so overwhelmed with the beauty of the village that we actually ended up changing our plans to stay another night. In the morning, we had the incredible opportunity to explore the nearby Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant before they opened to the public. After touring the grounds, and enjoying the hot baths, I experienced my first polar bear plunge by dipping into the Diable River! I’m not gonna lie, it was excruciating, but it’s all part of the hydrotherapy experience. To read more about the process, check it out here.


After our relaxing morning, we had one last stop before returning to New York : Québec City. After my first visit to the city last year, I knew I had to come back to see it in full holiday mode. And it did not disappoint. The old streets are so enchanting and everyone was so full of Christmas spirit.


It was truly such a fun holiday trip, and I’m so happy I had my friend, Jack, there to share it with! He also helped shoot a bunch of my images on this trip, so please be sure to check out his amazing work. We spent a good chunk of this trip planning out some veryyyy fun trips for this year, so this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of him! Until next time.



Hunting for Powder Days in Vermont

Happy Monday, guys!

This week I’m back up north for my first adventure of the year - hunting for powder runs in the Northeast! To kick things off, I’m sharing a trip from last month to Stratton Mountain. I’m not sure if I mentioned it to you guys, but this season, I’ve been skiing with Ikon Pass as part of their ambassador team! As one of two Northeast reps, my home Ikon Pass mountain is Stratton, in Vermont’s Green Mountains. There’s TONS of amazing ski destinations with Ikon Pass in the region, like Killington Mountain Resort and Sugarbush Resort! For this trip, I has the chance to stay at nearby cabin, The Vermont A-Frame! Less than 30 minutes from the base of Stratton, this cabin made for the PERFECT après ski spot.


With Winter’s untimely sunsets around 4.30, our check-in left little daylight to get out and explore the cabin on our first day. So we hunkered down, stoked the fire (this little wood stove heated up the whole place in no time! It was cozyyyy), and settled down to a movie marathon. While we drove over from the Adirondacks, I mapped it and this cabin is just under 4 hours from our place in Brooklyn. If any of you city dwellers are looking to mix up your mountain getaway from the typical Catskills adventure, this one is a great option! This little cabin boasts more space than you would expect, aside from two bedrooms, the loft space also has two beds, making it the perfect space for groups looking to get out for a ski trip. (If you want to look into booking it, head to their Airbnb listing here!).


After a great night’s sleep, I woke up to the magic of snow falling right outside the window. The windows in the master bedroom were one of my favorite features, as all the natural light made for the perfect reading nook. After breakfast, we loaded up our gear, and made our way to the mountain. Stratton is one of my favorite mountains in the Northeast. Offering a range of difficulty level, from beginner to advanced, every day is different and offers a new challenge! After a quick ride up the gondola, we were transported to a true winter wonderland.


Looking back on these, I can’t help but get excited for the week ahead of searching for fresh powder! Vermont is expecting to get inches of new snow in the next couple days, so we’re getting ready to head back for the first round on the slopes in the new year. Wish me luck on our hunt!



A Day in the North Cascades

Happy October, guys!

Going slow and steady with these road trip blog posts, but getting through them! Here’s a look at my brief time in the North Cascades, from both sides of the border. These encompass a single day, from waking up on an overnight backpacking trip in BC, to sunset at Mt. Baker in Washington. Starting backwards, first!

Some of you guys may remember, but I visited Mt. Baker for the first time back in May. Although Spring was in bloom closer to sea level, it still looked like FULL Winter at the time up there. It was truly amazing to see this place after the summer thaw!


Prior to the epic sunset in Washington, we spent the morning on Cheam Peak in BC. We hiked up the night before and napped for a bit as we waited for sunrise. While I wouldn’t classify this as a full backpacking experience, it was still definitely new for me! Back east, I had gotten in the habit of hiking in the middle of the night to catch sunrise, rather than sleeping on the summit. It was truly worth the few extra pounds in my pack to be able to experience the first light here, and have the place ENTIRELY to ourselves! Definitely a morning I won’t forget any time soon.


Have you guys been to the North Cascades? I’ve barely chipped the surface, and I can’t wait to head back next year to explore more! Sharing more Washington adventures soon, stay tuned!



Exploring in Banff + Yoho National Parks

Happy Friday (and September?!), guys!

Thanks for being SO patient on these blog posts!! Lack of internet and long days on the road were definitely not a great combo, and I hit the ground running ever since getting back to New York earlier this month. But things are finally settling into more of a routine, so I can start to share more from last month’s adventures!

E67A3748 2.jpg

After my brief, but AMAZING, time in Montana, I set the Trailblazer north to Canada. For about a week, I dipped back and forth between Banff National Park in Alberta and Yoho National Park in BC, and rounded it out with a couple days in Jasper National Park. It was so nice to meet up with new pals and reunite with some old ones.


Unlike last year’s trip up here, this year I wanted to challenge myself with doing less of the tourist-driven/side of the road places (though of course I still had to visit SOME of those!) and focus more on some of the epic hikes that this area has to offer. And believe me when I say, there are A LOT. A quick google search will bring you to countless options! One that I really enjoyed was the hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse, which starts from Lake Louise in Banff. It was a super easy hike, and a different way to enjoy such a classic spot like Lake Louise. Don’t let the crowds around this place deter you from the nearby hikes! When I made it up to the teahouse, I practically had the entire place to myself. My best piece of advice is to do these either early in the day (like sunrise early) or closer to evening, when the crowds have died down.


As with last year, I was SUPER excited to get up to Jasper National Park. The drive up there, along the Icefields Parkway, has to be one of the prettiest roads in the world. One thing I really wanted to do this trip was finally see Spirit Island on Maligne Lake. I wish I could have rented a kayak, but with the combination of traveling solo and hiking 25+ km the day before, I was in no shape for the journey (you gotta know your limits!). Luckily, they do have ferry boats that also go to the island. It was a splurge for me for sure, but sometimes you gotta just be the tourist!


My last day in Jasper brought on some pretty crazy smoke from nearby forest fires, so I knew it was time to head further West to BC. So excited to share more with you guys soon (I promise!).

Stay tuned!



A few days in Montana

Greetings from the road! If you follow along with my Instagram, you'll know that two weeks ago (exactly!) I packed up my old Chevy Trailblazer and started a five week cross-country road trip! Honestly CAN'T believe it's already been two weeks, and at the same time, those first few days feel like a lifetime ago. Does that make sense? The power of Summer, I guess. 


After racing across the Midwest, my first actual destination was Glacier National Park in Montana. Thanks to the best copilot in the world (looking at you, V), I made it there in record time. After my first visit to this park last year, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. And this time around, I saw SO MUCH wildlife! Literally within hours of being in the park, I came across bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose, and bearssss. 


I got my fill of hiking in first, with a day spent around Logan Pass. If you do intend to hike in this area, I recommend getting there SUPER early. By 8.30 am the parking lots and nearby spots were full. But hey, that's the season for ya! 


Wildlife and hikes aside, my favorite part of the trip was hands down a night paddle on Lake McDonald with new pals. That's what I love about this community. Within minutes of meeting people, they can feel like lifelong friends! Some of us hadn't gotten our fill of each other the night before, and decided a proper sunrise send off was in order. Guys. When it's not smoky, Two Medicine Lake is THE spot for sunrise. It's a bit of a drive from the rest of the park, but that also means it's less crowded. Win/win for us! 


My first few days of this trip set the bar veryyy high for the rest of it. But that just meant the rest will have to work that much harder to leave an impression! Excited to share more soon (when I can find wifi again).



Woolrich Road Trip : Oregon to Alaska

Hi guys! 

As promised, sharing more from my big road trip from Oregon to Alaska! I was so excited to bring one of my favorite Northeast brands, Woolrich, along for the ride again. Even though it was Spring time, we knew we'd still be hitting colder temps and SNOW up north in the mountains. I made sure to pack appropriately, and included a roundup of my favorite flannels for the journey. 

E67A2131 2.jpg

In Washington and BC, we bundled up in classic Buffalo plaid flannels. My tried and true favorites are the Women's Pemberton Boyfriend Tunics (you guys may recognize them from some of my past adventures). They've been my go-to style since Fall, I seriously just can't give them up! They're made of a lightweight cotton, but still provided enough warmth to keep the morning chill at bay. 


As on every road trip, I can't leave home without one of my Woolrich wool blankets. From the plane or car, to nights by the campfire, they're one of my travel must haves! This time around, I brought along the Seven Springs 100% Soft Wool blanket in the classic Buffalo Plaid. I love the weight and size of this one, perfect for snuggling up or keeping on the end of your bed in the colder months.


Once we crossed the BC border into the Yukon, we could definitely feel the shift toward cooler temperatures. From here, it was time to break out the heavier flannels, like the Alaskan Wool Shirt (appropriate, as that was our final destination!). I have a couple colors in the Women's version, and love how warm these shirts are. The Men's version feels a bit heavier than mine, but still make for a great layer (or even a shirt jacket for warmer nights). 


Once we crossed that final hurdle into Alaska, we had A LOT of snow to play in! Even though it was almost June, this place definitely runs on its own timetable when it comes to the seasons. I was so happy to have my trusty Arctic Parka with me, and got to put it to good use on the last leg of this trip! The cold weather is definitely no match for this one. Tons of pockets, water-resistant, and super warm, I can not sing enough praises for this parka.


From start to finish, this was such a breathtaking experience. And with three weeks on the road, I was so happy to have some cozy pieces to wrap myself up in! Will be sharing a few more snaps from this trip soon! Stay tuned. 



This post is in partnership with Woolrich

Summer in the Green Mountain State

Happy *Official* Summer, guys!

Jumping around here a bit, to share some photos closer to home (I'll get back to blog posts from my Alaskan road trip soon, I promise!). This past month, I had the pleasure to journey to our neighboring state of Vermont not once, but two times! As odd as it sounds, I never spent much time in the Green Mountain state before this. It was always just the state I drove through to get to New Hampshire or Maine. I have to admit, I've truly been missing out on some of the best the Northeast has to offer by doing this. I've definitely fallen in love with the countryside and mountains here! 


At the beginning of the month, V and I were invited to spend a weekend at the Vermont Cabin, owned by Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson. The two have done such an incredible job renovating this mountain home! Located in Southern Vermont's ski area, this place exuded après ski level cozy. 


Can not recommend this cabin enough! If you're a part-time (or full-time) city dweller like us, this is the perfect place to hit "reset". The drive through the country-side to get here is almost reward enough! The cabin is on Airbnb, and can be booked here


A couple weeks after our little cabin escape, I was invited to join Hippeas at nearby Stratton Mountain to attend Wanderlust Festival. As I mentioned earlier, I really haven't paid enough attention to this state in the past, and that was such a huge mistake! Having only ever skied on Stratton as a kiddo, I've never experienced the mountain without its blanket of snow. It's a whole other world of green forests and fields upon fields of wildflowers! I was so blown away by the beauty of this place. And to attend a festival that literally submerges you in these natural surroundings while practicing yoga & meditation was just icing on the cake. This was without a doubt the most relaxing "work" weekend I've experienced in quite some time. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that we were supplied with tons of yummy (and healthy!) Hippeas snacks to keep us going. :)


Hope you all have a safe + happy holiday week!




The Journey North : Part One - Washington + Oregon

Hi guys! 

Whew. It feels good to be getting back on this space. For the past month, I've been more or less (but definitely more) on the road, heading the furthest north I've ever been. It felt surreal to watch our progress on the map, to quickly slip past the familiar and confront the unknown head on. I can't pinpoint the exact moment I mentally agreed to this journey, but physically, I could feel the pull of this wild land since I left it a little over a year ago. Alaska. 


My friend, Brian, is the driving force behind this trip. After making the decision to spend the summer in Anchorage, and driving from California to get there, something clicked inside me. THIS was the moment. The way I was meant to go back. I instantly knew I wanted to be on this adventure of a lifetime with him. Lucky for me, he was still in need of a co-pilot. And so, I booked my one way ticket west to Oregon, where we planned to meet after he completed the first leg.

A few initial bumps in the road ended up being a welcome surprise. And here in lies the major truth about road trips : they never go according to plan. Day one, and I learned this lesson fast. Lucky for me, this lesson came with a new friend. Bayley was as eager as myself to enjoy the unexpected blue skies that graced the Northwest that day. So, after some speedy intros, we made our way to the beautiful Mt. Hood. I was reminded of what I love about this community. How amazing it is for strangers to quickly turn into friends over our shared loved of the outdoors. 


Finally reunited with Brian, we spent our second day further exploring along the Columbia River Gorge, this time on the Washington side. With some weather more appropriate to the PNW, we hit the trails in search of Spring greens and waterfalls. After a good night's rest, we finally gathered our things and started the journey north. 


A couple days just north of the border, Brian and I found ourselves back in Washington, en route to Mt. Baker. It was the first time either of us had been there, and the mountain truly showed off. The clear skies that we experienced for the first leg of this trip only made it that much more special, knowing that we were being graced with some truly mesmerizing sunsets. And after a few days of hot, sunny weather, it felt SO good to be back in the snow. It was wild to think, this mountain was just a taste of what was to come. The peaks were only going to get bigger from here.




A few days in Québec

In the heart of Charlevoix of Québec lies the most enchanting escape of cabins known as Repère Boréal. Last month I had the opportunity to spend a few days in this small community and experience everything the region has to offer. It was such a relaxing and rewarding trip! Jonathan, one of the owners of these small dwellings, was such an amazing host, and made sure our stay was as enjoyable as possible. 

Our first night, we stayed in one of the "Shiship" cabins, which in another life were shipping containers! Now, they serve as a cozier purpose, and with one side made entirely of glass, they also give the effect of being part of the surrounding boreal forest. Another favorite aspect of our cabin was its view, as the community is situated above the Saint Lawrence River. It made for some incredible sunrises and sunsets! Also loved how close we were to the Spa Zone, definitely took advantage of the sauna and hot tubs! 

repereborealblog2 copy.jpg

Our following night, we nestled deeper into the woods in one of the "Maikan" cabins. A bit smaller than their Shiship counterparts, but this place completely took my breath away. The windows on these cabins actually continue on to become part of the ceiling, creating a panoramic view of the neighboring trees. It was truly a magical experience, to be able to cozy up by that window and stargaze the hours away. Bonus : there was a fire pit right outside the window! Definitely added to the cozy factor. 


Jonathan was also kind enough to offer nearby attractions, including the ferry to nearby L'isle-aux-Coudres and my personal favorite : dog sledding!! This was definitely a highlight of our trip, it was so incredible to take control of our sled and bond with all the huskies (there were over ONE HUNDRED of them!!). On the way back, we also stopped by Montmorency Falls outside of Quebec City and explored around Jacques-Cartier National Park. I've already made plans to head back to this area again next Fall - it's such a unique landscape! It was with heavy hearts that we had to head back to the border (for reference, Montreal is a quick 2.5 hour drive from our cabin in the Adks, and Quebec City is a little less than 5), already dreaming of my next escape up North! 


Thank you to Repère Boréal for hosting me during my stay in Québec, and to Woolrich for keeping me cozy in flannels and parkas! 



Northwest Winter : Part Two - British Columbia

Happy March, guys!

Trying to get back in the swing of blogging regularly, it's always tough when I'm on the road! Hopefully sticking closer to home this month, as I search out the last bit of snow (and a few more days on the slopes). I wanted to share some more from January's trip out to the Northwest, including my second time in BC. Much like the first time, it broke my heart to say goodbye. From a ski day in Northern Vancouver, to the most incredible bit of coastline on our way up to Whistler, followed by reunions with friends in the lush rainforest, everything about this bit of Canada felt like magic. Counting down the days until Summer when I can return.




Northwest Winter : Part One - Oregon

Happy Saturday, guys! 

If you follow along with my adventures on Instagram, you'll know I've been on the road out west for a good portion of this month. As always, I love getting out there to catch up with pals and be reunited with all those big trees and mountains. From the moment I landed in Portland, my friend, Hannah, and I were on a mission to get as many miles between us and the city as we could. And after a lot of hours, one closed road, and several handfuls of gummy bears later, we made it to our sunrise destination : Crater Lake National Park. It was the first time visiting for both of us, and we had the surprise upon waking of finding that we had parked only about 50 feet away from the crater's edge! We lucked out with an incredible sunrise, and after a bit of exploring, we hopped back in the car for our next destination : Umpqua National Forest. Waterfalls and hot springs were on our minds, and this area has plenty of both.

With a full day of adventures and running on about three hours of sleep, we headed up toward Bend to camp for the night. After a failed attempt at finding hot springs (they were actually FREEZING springs) the following morning, we made due with a few more waterfalls before our final destination : Mt. Hood. Although I've been to Mt. Hood a handful of times, I've never made my up to Timberline Lodge! We took advantage of the clear skies and made our way up, up, up. Views that stretched for miles, and the mountain looking better than ever. 

Sleepy eyed, we made our way back to Portland. This part of my trip really spoiled me, as the weather and conditions were constantly on our side. Already longing for summer days when this state can be more of a second home to me! Will be sharing more from this trip soon! 

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Fall in the Great Smoky Mountains

Holy cow, guys. Somehow it's the middle of November?! Honestly this season seems to fly by faster and faster every year. I'm jumping around a bit on here while my poor hard drive is being fixed (lesson learned, kids, double back up your work!), so sharing the second half of my fall, first! I can't help but get the itch to get back on the road after a short while, and while I originally had no intention to leave the Northeast after Summer, well, there we were, on our way South to track down the foliage in a new arena. 

Prior to this trip, I had only ever been to North Carolina and Tennessee once before, never to Georgia, and never in any of these for Fall. It was a whole new experience visiting these landscapes with the shades of gold and orange clinging to the trees! This was a particularly tough Fall to capture, some places the foliage was at peak, others the leaves hadn't even started to turn. Starting near Asheville, NC, we managed to find some hidden pockets of gold as we made our way along the Blue Ridge Parkway, meandering across the state borders of nearby Georgia and Tennessee. We enjoyed a night at the most incredible little campsite I've ever been to, nestled deep in the Smokies, followed by a trip to Hot Springs, NC (where yes, we enjoyed the hot springs). After a few stops to state parks in Georgia, we made it to our final destination of Atlanta. While V is often there for work, it was my first time exploring the city! We had an awesome time, reconnecting with friends and enjoying all the music and nightlife. I want to thank Woolrich for supplying us with some great Fall gear to cozy up into - think the softest flannels EVER. Will be linking my favorites below! 




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The Great American Road Trip

Hey guys! As promised, I'm sharing one last Summer post before switching over to colder weather adventures. Back around my birthday, some of my Northeast pals and I packed up into a Honda Pilot and began the journey out West. After two days (that felt like two WEEKS), thousands of miles, one flat tire, and zero sleep; we finally made it to our first stop : Washington. We drove straight through the Cascades upon arrival, a welcome relief after the endless prairie land we experienced on the road. It also helped that we were the guests of the amazing Tye Haus for our first two nights, where my love for A frames was momentarily satisfied. It was the perfect place to meet up with friends, eat pancakes, and just...relax. Honestly, if you're ever in the area, totally look this place up! It's popular for a reason.

From there, we drove south, reuniting with Hannah along the way. After a day of snowy adventures on Mt. Rainier, we finally made it to Oregon. A night at Lost Lake followed by a morning exploring the Columbia River Gorge, and before I knew it, we found ourselves on the coast. My friend, Helbert, came out for a very rainy evening at Cape Kiwanda, before leaving us to continue our journey down the coastline. Excitement levels were at an all time high when we made our way to Samuel H. Boardman State Park.. followed quickly by some major anxiety on my part by the insane cliffs of this place. If you've been there, you'll understand! 

Before parting ways (I left the group halfway through) we crossed over to California, where we explored amongst the Redwoods and finally to Mt. Tam outside of San Francisco. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget, and while I know I'll never be traveling that distance in such cramped quarters again - reallllyyy don't recommend if you're the least bit claustrophobic!, I'm so happy I was a part of the adventure. Until next time!




Summer on the Road : Part Five - Oregon

Happy Monday, guys! Finishing up the last installment of this road trip series as I'm packing up the car for the next adventure. This time, we're heading down south to North Carolina and Georgia! Excited to see some of these mountains with their Fall foliage - fingers crossed we have better luck than last time! 

Going through all these photos really has me missing the Northwest, and all my friends out there. Especially the ones in Portland! On the last leg of this trip, I was able to finally meet up with my friend, Helbert. You guys may recognize him from my Montana and Alberta pics from later in the summer. So fortunate to have met this guy - we have definitely become fast friends since our first adventure! Looking forward to more days on the coast and in the mountains with this one.

Have one final summer blog in the works, before it's on to the colorful days of Fall. Stay tuned