Cummins Falls

Hey guys! Hope you're enjoying the first few days of September. Can you believe that?! Since it's 90 degrees in New York right now, I think it's okay if I go on wearing sundresses and sandals just a little while longer. I LOVE the colder months (a million layers, snuggly blankets, and magic snowy nights kind of make me go weak in the knees) but summer is the season for adventuring.  And if you follow me on Instagram or Tumblr, you'll know I have a serious soft spot for adventuring anywhere with a waterfall. While I was in Tennessee, I knew I had to see at least one. I think we made the right pick with Cummins Falls. For those unfamiliar, the falls are located about an hour outside of Nashville. The hike to the falls is an interesting one ... at certain points you have to actually wade in a river to get there! The trek was well worth the effort (and wet shoes). The falls are beyond beautiful. And to be perfectly honest, what's not to like about walking along/in a river on a hot, sunny day?

Heading Upstate this weekend for one last summer adventure. Then hopefully I'll have had my fill of mountains and waterfalls for a little bit (if that's even possible). What are you guys planning for your last summer weekend?



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