With Apple blossom in her hair

As many of my friends will contest to, I've always been a bit of a hopeless romantic (possibly from early exposure to Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Keats) . That quality seems to go into overdrive this time of year! While most people (couples included) cringe and carry on about the insincere nature of Valentine's Day, I can't help but get swooped up in it. I'll watch some of my favorite films  (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Marie Antoinette, and Funny Face - those over the top beautiful visuals), fill the house with flowers - and press some for Valentine's, and eat wayyy too many candy hearts. All good things in my book.

This time of year also gives me major inspiration overload. There's something so exciting about being on the cusp of a new season. You can just feel it in the air. While New York is still definitely not done with Winter, there's a renewed energy in the city. Everyone seems to be recharged from their months of apartment hibernation, and anxious for new adventures. As always, I'm right there with that mentality. But living in the Northeast also requires some patience. Before blooms, we'll see a few more flurries. In the mean time, I'll make do with snowscapes and poetry. Hope you don't mind.



Jessica OlmComment