Exploring in Banff + Yoho National Parks

Happy Friday (and September?!), guys!

Thanks for being SO patient on these blog posts!! Lack of internet and long days on the road were definitely not a great combo, and I hit the ground running ever since getting back to New York earlier this month. But things are finally settling into more of a routine, so I can start to share more from last month’s adventures!

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After my brief, but AMAZING, time in Montana, I set the Trailblazer north to Canada. For about a week, I dipped back and forth between Banff National Park in Alberta and Yoho National Park in BC, and rounded it out with a couple days in Jasper National Park. It was so nice to meet up with new pals and reunite with some old ones.


Unlike last year’s trip up here, this year I wanted to challenge myself with doing less of the tourist-driven/side of the road places (though of course I still had to visit SOME of those!) and focus more on some of the epic hikes that this area has to offer. And believe me when I say, there are A LOT. A quick google search will bring you to countless options! One that I really enjoyed was the hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse, which starts from Lake Louise in Banff. It was a super easy hike, and a different way to enjoy such a classic spot like Lake Louise. Don’t let the crowds around this place deter you from the nearby hikes! When I made it up to the teahouse, I practically had the entire place to myself. My best piece of advice is to do these either early in the day (like sunrise early) or closer to evening, when the crowds have died down.


As with last year, I was SUPER excited to get up to Jasper National Park. The drive up there, along the Icefields Parkway, has to be one of the prettiest roads in the world. One thing I really wanted to do this trip was finally see Spirit Island on Maligne Lake. I wish I could have rented a kayak, but with the combination of traveling solo and hiking 25+ km the day before, I was in no shape for the journey (you gotta know your limits!). Luckily, they do have ferry boats that also go to the island. It was a splurge for me for sure, but sometimes you gotta just be the tourist!


My last day in Jasper brought on some pretty crazy smoke from nearby forest fires, so I knew it was time to head further West to BC. So excited to share more with you guys soon (I promise!).

Stay tuned!



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