Northwest Winter : Part One - Oregon

Happy Saturday, guys! 

If you follow along with my adventures on Instagram, you'll know I've been on the road out west for a good portion of this month. As always, I love getting out there to catch up with pals and be reunited with all those big trees and mountains. From the moment I landed in Portland, my friend, Hannah, and I were on a mission to get as many miles between us and the city as we could. And after a lot of hours, one closed road, and several handfuls of gummy bears later, we made it to our sunrise destination : Crater Lake National Park. It was the first time visiting for both of us, and we had the surprise upon waking of finding that we had parked only about 50 feet away from the crater's edge! We lucked out with an incredible sunrise, and after a bit of exploring, we hopped back in the car for our next destination : Umpqua National Forest. Waterfalls and hot springs were on our minds, and this area has plenty of both.

With a full day of adventures and running on about three hours of sleep, we headed up toward Bend to camp for the night. After a failed attempt at finding hot springs (they were actually FREEZING springs) the following morning, we made due with a few more waterfalls before our final destination : Mt. Hood. Although I've been to Mt. Hood a handful of times, I've never made my up to Timberline Lodge! We took advantage of the clear skies and made our way up, up, up. Views that stretched for miles, and the mountain looking better than ever. 

Sleepy eyed, we made our way back to Portland. This part of my trip really spoiled me, as the weather and conditions were constantly on our side. Already longing for summer days when this state can be more of a second home to me! Will be sharing more from this trip soon! 

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Home for the Holidays

Happy New Year, guys! 2018 has been off to a very COLD start here in the Northeast, each day barely making it above single digits! For the last couple months, I've spent a lot of quality time with family and friends close to home. It's been such a nice (and definitely sleepier) change of pace than my usual race on the road. 

I had the immense pleasure to stay at Scribner's Catskill Lodge in the Catskill Mountains a few weeks back, and the best part was that our trip started off with a snow day! My friend, Serena, and I spent the morning playing in the fresh powder before the journey down to the lodge. And with the chilly temps, it was hard for us to leave our room! We stayed in one of their queen lofts, which came complete with our own personal fireplace! We brought a tree and had our own version of Christmas morning during our stay. Lots of time spent by the many fires (the main one in the lodge and the toasty corner stoves in the restaurant tying for first place), complete with books from the library and a never ending supply of coffee kept us cozy warm and all smiles. 

On our final morning, we filled our bellies with an incredibleeee brunch of pancakes, avocado toast, and scrambled eggs. The only thing that made it better was the picture perfect view of Hunter mountain from our table! Check out time was a somber event, it was definitely hard to leave this mountain hideaway behind! To book your own winter getaway at the lodge, head over to their site here . I would also be remiss without thanking Woolrich for gearing us in our holiday finest! They're having a sale on some of my favorite flannels right now, so head over to their site to stock up! 



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On the Road with Ricola

One thing I've noticed about life on the road is that it's SUPER easy to neglect my health. With long days, little sleep, and a less than perfectly balanced diet, cough and cold season has definitely been catching up to me. That's why I'm fortunate to have partnered up with Ricola to bring an assortment of their Cold & Cough drops and Herbal Immunity supplements along for the ride. 


Ricola has been a long trusted brand in my family, and growing up I always remember my mom sneaking a couple of their Original Cough drops in my backpack before we hit the trail or slopes. All these years later, the Original, and the Dual Action drops, are still in heavy rotation for us during cough and cold season. I was recently introduced to their line of Herbal Immunity Supplements, like their gummies and drops that contain Ginseng and Vitamins C, B6, and B12.  


Throughout the Fall, we road tripped up and down the east coast, from Maine all the way down to Georgia. Days started before the sun rose, and ended well after it set. I found myself always reaching for Ricola's Dual Action drops during our sunrise hikes, as the blend of Swiss alpine herbs, natural menthol, and soothing liquid center was the perfect combination to soothe my scratchy throat. More recently, I was introduced to their line of Herbal Supplements, their gummies and drops that contain Ginseng and Vitamins C, B6, and B12. Anytime I'm starting to feel the slightest sign of sickness coming on, I make sure to stock up on them to give my immune system a little boost. I love how the citrus gummies taste, but more importantly that I can be proactive about not getting sick! 


With Winter's approach, and the constant shift between days spent adventuring outdoors and cozied up inside, I have a feeling that my favorite Ricola products will be in high demand. I'm looking forward to a new and healthful season with Ricola!

This post is in partnership with Ricola.