A weekend in the Adirondacks with L.L.Bean

Happy Fall, guys!

This season has been BEYOND beautiful this year, honestly the best colors I can remember from recent past!! I’ve been up exploring in the mountains every chance I can this month, and this past weekend was no exception. We packed the car up with some cozy layers from favorite Northeast brand, L.L.Bean, and hit the road. Ever since my return to the East coast last month, I’ve been loving to just get out and return to some of my favorite trails.


With chilly morning temps on the forecast for our morning hike, we took the excuse to bundle up in some extra cozy flannels and sweaters. My new favorite is the Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt. With its relaxed fit, it makes for the perfect layering piece! I also packed along the fuzziest pullover, the Hi-Pile Fleece, to keep me toasty on the windy summit. I honestly felt like a teddy bear in this pullover! It’s sooo soft and cozy. To top it off, we brought along our Washable Wool Throw (washable being key for any adventure staple!).


Post hike, we kicked our hiking boots off and enjoyed the view along Mirror Lake. If you’re ever in Lake Placid, make sure to spend some time along the lakefront! It’s absolutely gorgeous with all the golden foliage. We snuggled up in some classic L.L.Bean styles, like the Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater and Original Bean Boot!


We loved sharing these classic views with such a classic brand like L.L.Bean. Truly felt like the perfect weekend! Have a feeling these pieces will be in heavy rotation for many a Fall adventure to come.



A Day in the North Cascades

Happy October, guys!

Going slow and steady with these road trip blog posts, but getting through them! Here’s a look at my brief time in the North Cascades, from both sides of the border. These encompass a single day, from waking up on an overnight backpacking trip in BC, to sunset at Mt. Baker in Washington. Starting backwards, first!

Some of you guys may remember, but I visited Mt. Baker for the first time back in May. Although Spring was in bloom closer to sea level, it still looked like FULL Winter at the time up there. It was truly amazing to see this place after the summer thaw!


Prior to the epic sunset in Washington, we spent the morning on Cheam Peak in BC. We hiked up the night before and napped for a bit as we waited for sunrise. While I wouldn’t classify this as a full backpacking experience, it was still definitely new for me! Back east, I had gotten in the habit of hiking in the middle of the night to catch sunrise, rather than sleeping on the summit. It was truly worth the few extra pounds in my pack to be able to experience the first light here, and have the place ENTIRELY to ourselves! Definitely a morning I won’t forget any time soon.


Have you guys been to the North Cascades? I’ve barely chipped the surface, and I can’t wait to head back next year to explore more! Sharing more Washington adventures soon, stay tuned!



A cozy night at Far Meadow Cabin

Hi guys!

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my Summer road trip is that there’s no such thing as too many nights away from the car. Ha! But seriously, after weeks of car camping and tent camping, nights spent in cabins were the HEIGHT of luxury. Luckily, I had the chance to stay in some very cute ones along the way, including the Far Meadow Black A Frame!


Nestled in the mountains just miles away from one of the park entrances to Yosemite, this cabin was the perfect place to rest up before a day exploring the Valley. As I’m sure you guys know, I’m SUCH a sucker for A frames (like, slightly obsessed). This one has to be one of the more unique A’s I’ve come across! I loved how the front door was located on the side of the cabin, allowing the interior to be filled with natural light from the giant windows up front. In the morning it felt as if we were sitting right outside in the trees!

The cabin also features the coziest loft space, numerous reading nooks, and all the tools you need for a home-cooked meal. The grounds are also so beautiful! We made sure to carve out time after breakfast to explore and leisurely sip our coffee outside.


The Black A frame is just one of several cabins that Far Meadow has available. All of them are located in the High Sierras of California, so make sure to check them out the next time you’re heading that way! P.S. pets are welcome :)

If you’re interested in booking the cabin we stayed in, you can find more info here .

Sharing more from this trip soon!