Ski (and après-ski) Days with Säpp

Hi guys!

It’s not often I get a chance to work with local companies, so when the Northeast-based birch water brand, Säpp, approached me, I knew I had to try it! Sourced right here in Upstate NY and Vermont, Säpp’s birch water is a hydrating and nutrient-rich alternative to other products currently on the market. The flavored options are organic juices and extracts, without the use sweeteners or "natural flavors". Also, all ingredients are non-GMO, naturally gluten-free, and vegan!


Birch water has been historically popular in Europe for centuries (the founders drank it growing up), and bringing the practice of tapping birch trees here to the Northeast makes Säpp the first pure, U.S. sourced birch sap on the market. Bonus : the company plants trees as part of their mission! With all these warm fuzzy facts, I was hooked. I tried Säpp for the first time a couple months ago, and it’s now in my regular rotation for ski days! I almost always forget to stay properly hydrated on the slopes, and these slim, 12oz. bottles, fit perfectly inside my jacket pocket. Healthy hydration to go!


Säpp currently produces three flavor options : Original (have you ever tried maple water? Birch water is similar, but much less sweet. The perfect option for water drinkers looking for just a little EXTRA flavor!), Strawberry Lavender with Chaga and Apple Ginger with Chaga. All three offer unique and refreshing hydration, without doubling down on the sweetness (in fact, Säpp has 3x less sugar than coconut water!).


Have you guys tried Säpp before? If not, you can find all three flavors in stock at select Whole Foods! Would love to know which flavor becomes your favorite!



This post is in partnership with Säpp.