Through a Forest Wilderness

Middle of October, Can you believe it? I spent the first half of this month scrambling to edit some of my recent adventures and just barely set aside a little hiking excursion in the Catskills with my family. It has been a WHIRLWIND of a season. This past weekend was the first in what seems like forever that I allowed myself to actually do...nothing. It's crazy to think about, but New York mentality is always go, go, go, do more, be better. Sometimes you have to take a moment to just "be". Let yourself sleep in, veg out on the couch, watch movies, decline to make plans. I needed that, to metaphorically hit the Reset button. What do you do when you need to recharge?

My ultimate reset is going upstate to my parent's cabin. It's so quiet there, and the air is so clean. The stars are bright, the trees are tall, and the mountains are a stones throw away. It's all my favorite things tidied up into a nice package. The only problem is getting there. New York is hard to escape! I've already planned out my next trip there in two weeks and have been eagerly ticking down the days. Below are some photos from my past trip up north. V and I spent the weekend exploring some of my favorite spots (Lake George, Keene Valley, Whiteface Mountain, and Schroon Lake). Excited to visit new places soon!



Jessica OlmComment