Fort Tilden :: Part I

Hi guys! I hope you're all enjoying the last bits of summer. I can't believe that we're already half way through August. I'm trying to soak up as much summer sun and have as many adventures as I can before September rolls around. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the colder months. Winter will always be my favorite season (and I know that I'm in the minority on that one). I live for sweater weather, and bundling up in big coats, a million layers, and thick knit hats. Maybe that comes with the territory of growing up in Upstate New York. Our winters were cold, snowy, and l o n g. I think instead of constantly complaining about it, I learned to embrace them. After all, snowy landscapes can be incredibly beautiful! 

Anyway, as part of my summer adventure mantra, I convinced my friend, Lindsey, to take a trip to Fort Tilden with me. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Fort Tilden is this incredible little beach on the furthest tip of the Rockaways. Every time I've gone there, it's been pretty quiet and desolate (and no wonder, it's a hike to get out there). But that's just part of its charm. There's something so awe-inspiring in the natural dunes and the old abandoned buildings surrounding the beach and fort. The fort itself requires a small hike through the dunes and bramble that surround the beach. We managed to only get a little lost on the way there. I took so many photos of this place, that I've decided to create two parts to showcase our trip.  

Excited for the moments of summer I have left, and hoping to make the most of them! What are your plans?





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