Summer on the Road : Part Four - Washington Coast

Hey guys! I have to admit it, I've been subconsciously dragging these posts out a bit. I think I'm just enjoying reminiscing on my favorite adventures from the Summer! It's hard for me to be in Washington without spending time on the Olympic peninsula, this trip included. My friend, Hannah, and I met up early to take the ferry to Kingston, and from there made our way to the coast. We were greeted with a snowstorm on top of Hurricane Ridge, followed by a torrential downpour of rain from Lake Crescent all the way to La Push. After a night of car camping, we woke before dawn to make our way down to the beach. The weather was still not in our favor, but luckily that meant we had the place all to ourselves. I've never seen it so quiet before! From there, we traveled further south, making our way closer to my final destination : Oregon. A quick detour to the Hoh rainforest (where we were almost trampled by elk), and a couple other stops along the coast. It was a whirlwind of a road trip, and always bittersweet to leave the peninsula behind. Definitely feels like there's some magic living in those coastal forests. Stay tuned for the final post from this trip!



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