The Great American Road Trip

Hey guys! As promised, I'm sharing one last Summer post before switching over to colder weather adventures. Back around my birthday, some of my Northeast pals and I packed up into a Honda Pilot and began the journey out West. After two days (that felt like two WEEKS), thousands of miles, one flat tire, and zero sleep; we finally made it to our first stop : Washington. We drove straight through the Cascades upon arrival, a welcome relief after the endless prairie land we experienced on the road. It also helped that we were the guests of the amazing Tye Haus for our first two nights, where my love for A frames was momentarily satisfied. It was the perfect place to meet up with friends, eat pancakes, and just...relax. Honestly, if you're ever in the area, totally look this place up! It's popular for a reason.

From there, we drove south, reuniting with Hannah along the way. After a day of snowy adventures on Mt. Rainier, we finally made it to Oregon. A night at Lost Lake followed by a morning exploring the Columbia River Gorge, and before I knew it, we found ourselves on the coast. My friend, Helbert, came out for a very rainy evening at Cape Kiwanda, before leaving us to continue our journey down the coastline. Excitement levels were at an all time high when we made our way to Samuel H. Boardman State Park.. followed quickly by some major anxiety on my part by the insane cliffs of this place. If you've been there, you'll understand! 

Before parting ways (I left the group halfway through) we crossed over to California, where we explored amongst the Redwoods and finally to Mt. Tam outside of San Francisco. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget, and while I know I'll never be traveling that distance in such cramped quarters again - reallllyyy don't recommend if you're the least bit claustrophobic!, I'm so happy I was a part of the adventure. Until next time!



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