Snowstorms and Big News

Hey guys! 

I know it happens every year, but I can't get over how quickly the month of February goes by! This past month was busy, as always, but there was still enough time to have some incredible adventures. If you've been following along on my Instagram, you'll know that I hit quite a bit of snow recently. Probably more than in previous winters!

My friends hosted another meetup for The Northeast Collective, this time to explore the countless frozen falls in west New York. A small group of us also got together in New Hampshire a couple weeks ago to hike to the MOST BEAUTIFUL fire lookout I've ever seen. Honestly, probably one of the best days ever. My favorite part of these trips is how they bring all my friends from the area to one place for the day. Sure, it's nice to see these beautiful places, but the best parts are always the in-between moments. The inside jokes, sharing stories, and definitely pancakes. No adventure would be complete without them! :) 

I think that's why I'm most excited for what's next...I'll be heading back to the Northwest next month!! First stop, and the one I'm most anxious for, will be to Alaska. Honestly words can't even describe how excited I am to explore out there! From there I'll be wandering all around B.C., Washington, and Oregon. The best part is that I'll be spending my time out there with new friends! I can't wait to get back to those green forests and big mountains. In the meantime, fingers crossed for a few more snow days.



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