A Day in the North Cascades

Happy October, guys!

Going slow and steady with these road trip blog posts, but getting through them! Here’s a look at my brief time in the North Cascades, from both sides of the border. These encompass a single day, from waking up on an overnight backpacking trip in BC, to sunset at Mt. Baker in Washington. Starting backwards, first!

Some of you guys may remember, but I visited Mt. Baker for the first time back in May. Although Spring was in bloom closer to sea level, it still looked like FULL Winter at the time up there. It was truly amazing to see this place after the summer thaw!


Prior to the epic sunset in Washington, we spent the morning on Cheam Peak in BC. We hiked up the night before and napped for a bit as we waited for sunrise. While I wouldn’t classify this as a full backpacking experience, it was still definitely new for me! Back east, I had gotten in the habit of hiking in the middle of the night to catch sunrise, rather than sleeping on the summit. It was truly worth the few extra pounds in my pack to be able to experience the first light here, and have the place ENTIRELY to ourselves! Definitely a morning I won’t forget any time soon.


Have you guys been to the North Cascades? I’ve barely chipped the surface, and I can’t wait to head back next year to explore more! Sharing more Washington adventures soon, stay tuned!



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