A few days in Québec

In the heart of Charlevoix of Québec lies the most enchanting escape of cabins known as Repère Boréal. Last month I had the opportunity to spend a few days in this small community and experience everything the region has to offer. It was such a relaxing and rewarding trip! Jonathan, one of the owners of these small dwellings, was such an amazing host, and made sure our stay was as enjoyable as possible. 

Our first night, we stayed in one of the "Shiship" cabins, which in another life were shipping containers! Now, they serve as a cozier purpose, and with one side made entirely of glass, they also give the effect of being part of the surrounding boreal forest. Another favorite aspect of our cabin was its view, as the community is situated above the Saint Lawrence River. It made for some incredible sunrises and sunsets! Also loved how close we were to the Spa Zone, definitely took advantage of the sauna and hot tubs! 

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Our following night, we nestled deeper into the woods in one of the "Maikan" cabins. A bit smaller than their Shiship counterparts, but this place completely took my breath away. The windows on these cabins actually continue on to become part of the ceiling, creating a panoramic view of the neighboring trees. It was truly a magical experience, to be able to cozy up by that window and stargaze the hours away. Bonus : there was a fire pit right outside the window! Definitely added to the cozy factor. 


Jonathan was also kind enough to offer nearby attractions, including the ferry to nearby L'isle-aux-Coudres and my personal favorite : dog sledding!! This was definitely a highlight of our trip, it was so incredible to take control of our sled and bond with all the huskies (there were over ONE HUNDRED of them!!). On the way back, we also stopped by Montmorency Falls outside of Quebec City and explored around Jacques-Cartier National Park. I've already made plans to head back to this area again next Fall - it's such a unique landscape! It was with heavy hearts that we had to head back to the border (for reference, Montreal is a quick 2.5 hour drive from our cabin in the Adks, and Quebec City is a little less than 5), already dreaming of my next escape up North! 


Thank you to Repère Boréal for hosting me during my stay in Québec, and to Woolrich for keeping me cozy in flannels and parkas! 



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