Woolrich Road Trip : Oregon to Alaska

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As promised, sharing more from my big road trip from Oregon to Alaska! I was so excited to bring one of my favorite Northeast brands, Woolrich, along for the ride again. Even though it was Spring time, we knew we'd still be hitting colder temps and SNOW up north in the mountains. I made sure to pack appropriately, and included a roundup of my favorite flannels for the journey. 

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In Washington and BC, we bundled up in classic Buffalo plaid flannels. My tried and true favorites are the Women's Pemberton Boyfriend Tunics (you guys may recognize them from some of my past adventures). They've been my go-to style since Fall, I seriously just can't give them up! They're made of a lightweight cotton, but still provided enough warmth to keep the morning chill at bay. 


As on every road trip, I can't leave home without one of my Woolrich wool blankets. From the plane or car, to nights by the campfire, they're one of my travel must haves! This time around, I brought along the Seven Springs 100% Soft Wool blanket in the classic Buffalo Plaid. I love the weight and size of this one, perfect for snuggling up or keeping on the end of your bed in the colder months.


Once we crossed the BC border into the Yukon, we could definitely feel the shift toward cooler temperatures. From here, it was time to break out the heavier flannels, like the Alaskan Wool Shirt (appropriate, as that was our final destination!). I have a couple colors in the Women's version, and love how warm these shirts are. The Men's version feels a bit heavier than mine, but still make for a great layer (or even a shirt jacket for warmer nights). 


Once we crossed that final hurdle into Alaska, we had A LOT of snow to play in! Even though it was almost June, this place definitely runs on its own timetable when it comes to the seasons. I was so happy to have my trusty Arctic Parka with me, and got to put it to good use on the last leg of this trip! The cold weather is definitely no match for this one. Tons of pockets, water-resistant, and super warm, I can not sing enough praises for this parka.


From start to finish, this was such a breathtaking experience. And with three weeks on the road, I was so happy to have some cozy pieces to wrap myself up in! Will be sharing a few more snaps from this trip soon! Stay tuned. 



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