Take the Long Way Home

Hi guys. Can you believe it's November 11th?  The last moments of Fall are showing themselves in the city, and everywhere else seems to be covered in snow. I managed to head Upstate over the weekend and Wow. What a difference a couple weeks made. The leaves are mostly gone and the temperature has definitely dropped. As I was driving through the High Peaks region (photos of this to come) I could see snow falling on the tops of the mountains. It was such a surreal and beautiful sight. I get so giddy when I see snow! I keep reminding myself of how New York looked last Thanksgiving. A huge blizzard came in the day before - to the point where we were almost stranded in the city as all modes of transportation shut down. Luckily we caught the last bus heading out, which drove us directly into a Winter Wonderland. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and I'm crossing my fingers that we'll having a similarly snowy holiday. 

Also, I've been switching up my shooting style recently. I used to take SO many portraits. They were still in nature, but it was my main focus. I've started to notice that my attention is shifting more toward the natural landscapes, and less on the people within them. What do you think?



Jessica OlmComment