In the Wild

I catch myself day dreaming on a daily basis of all the beautiful places I've seen recently. The feeling of being in complete awe of my surroundings is something I try to experience as often as I can, and it was a feeling I felt entirely on every day of my trip. To spend New Year's day surrounded by the giant and ancient Sequoias, and fall asleep that night in a tiny tent within Yosemite, was like something of a dream. How do I describe something so beyond comprehension, something so incredibly larger than life? We spent every day of this trip being dog tired, waking at or just after dawn, driving and exploring all day long, only to crawl into our hotel bed long enough to map out the next day's journey before falling sound asleep. Throughout this, I felt alive and alert of my surroundings. It was an emotional week, to be constantly so overwhelmed by the contrasting landscapes. To see the snowy roads and vast mountain ranges with my own eyes left me giddy, and it pained me when it was time to say goodbye. I began this year with an adventure of a lifetime, and I hope to outdo it before the year's end. I can't wait to see where the journey brings me next.



Jessica OlmComment