Spring Forward

Hi guys! Sorry for my absence, I have spent the last two weekends traveling and have finally had a chance to catch up with editing. For those in New York, you'll understand what I mean about the strange Spring weather. Last week it was in the 60s and 70s, now it's back to the 30s (and snowing upstate!). It's definitely caused a few bad moods in the city, but I have to admit I'm kind of happy the cold isn't gone yet! It was such a wonderful surprise to wake up at the cabin in the midst of a snow storm - my first real snowy day up there (but more on that in another post!). These photos are from a few weeks back, on an actual spring-like day. V and I went upstate to enjoy the nice weather, and spent the weekend hiking and exploring with my parents. I'll be spending the next couple weeks in the city - catching up on work ..and sleep, before my next adventure. Hope you're all having a nice week!



P.S. For those curious, my TRAVELER sweatshirt is from Dyer & Jenkins and my buffalo plaid jacket is Woolrich

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