Pacific Wonderland - Part One

Hey Everyone! Whew. I can't believe that our big Northwest trip came and went so quickly. It was AMAZING. Probably best road trip ever. I'm still daydreaming of all the wonderful places we explored. And trust me when I say this - there were A LOT of them. We managed to see 99% of the places on my list, which is a new record of road warrior status, even for us! I feel like there are so many ways to approach a road trip, from the spontaneous jumping in the car on a whim and heading to the unknown, to the detailed planning and mapping out of every day. Ours definitely fit into the latter category. I knew that to get the most out of our time, we would have to at least have a loose schedule for each day. Some people might not be into doing this, but I am totally a trip planner. I like having a direction! And whether they were premeditated or not, every day gave us incredible experiences.

Since this adventure was pretty lengthy, both in terms of time and photos captured, I'll be spreading it out into numerous posts. These photos were captured on our first and second day in Oregon. Never have I seen so much fog in so little time. The Northwest really showed us that it does fog best! We spent the first day exploring around Portland and the Columbia River Gorge, and the second was hiking to Drift Creek Falls and sunset at Cape Kiwanda. Really think that area is one of my new favorites in Oregon! It was my first time seeing the Oregon coast, and I was totally in awe of everything. Stay tuned for more.



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