Pacific Wonderland - Part Two

Happy Weekend guys! I've been super busy celebrating my birthday for the last two weekends - one in Brooklyn and another upstate. Our time to the Adirondacks was bittersweet. V and two of our closest pals, Natalie and Brendon, joined me for a whirlwind trip of exploring a snowy Whiteface Mountain (in June! Couldn't believe it) bonfires at night, and a quick hike to Lake George and Shelving Rock Falls. It was so much fun, but at the end of it all three of them had to jet out of New York for other adventures. 

Looking through photos of our Northwest trip definitely isn't helping my case of wanderlust. If anything, it just makes matters worse! My aunt and I have been scheming a trip to Alaska in the fall and I will be over the moon excited if we can pull it off! Below are some shots from our second day of exploring around the Columbia River Gorge and Mt Hood. It's insane how quick the weather turns up in the mountains. One minute it was blue skies and sunny, the next we were met with a wall of fog and zero visibility. I guess that's all part of the adventure! After a few days spent in Portland we headed up to Washington. V and I are both HUGE Twin Peaks fans, so we couldn't miss our opportunity to visit the infamous Snoqualmie Falls and Twede's cafe! We were in David Lynch heaven. We ended our first Washington evening exploring around Skykomish. More on that in the next post! 



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